The Hero Collection RPG category has actually taken off, and there are rather a number of video games. Today we’ll be taking a look at Soul Hunters, a new game in the category. Gather a variety of heroes and construct the ultimate team with the help of our Soul Hunters cheats, ideas and techniques strategy guide!

1. Make the most of last hits!

Whichever hero gets the last hit on the opponent gets a +300 energy bonuses. This assists that hero get their ultimate much faster. A well-timed location result ultimate can immediately refresh it, so expect your openings!

2. Fuse devices!

Each hero has 6 slots for equipment. Giving them equipment is essential to bring out the very best in them, however when you fill up every slot your hero can then undergo fusion. Blend involves permanently combining the hero with the devices, adding their stat rewards straight into the hero. This likewise unlocks a new ability for the hero to use, so always keep your equipment up-to-date! You can inspect where to get certain pieces by tapping on the slots that are missing out on devices.

3. Utilize the summoner circle!

There are 2 choices for the summoner circle: gold chest and diamond chest. The diamond chest is opened with an outrageous amount of diamonds, so don’t worry about that. Instead, the gold chest can be opened free of charge every 10 minutes. You acquire totally free charges on it, so don’t worry if you’re around to declare it. You can hold up to 5 totally free opens. Open the gold chests as much as you can as you can get free equipment and often even hero soulstones!

4. Total the missions!

There are two sets of quests for you to do. There are the routine missions, which are story associated. You’ll do the majority of these naturally as you advance through the campaign. Then there are the day-to-day quests, which change every day. The objectives of these vary, but the benefits are generally worth it. Keep in mind to gather your rewards; they’re not assigned to you immediately. You can sometimes even get diamonds in the benefits!

5. Underpowered? Replay older levels!

Are your heroes not up to the difficulty? You may have to get better equipment for them so they can fuse. As pointed out earlier, you can tap on a devices slot to see where that piece can potentially drop. Not just that, but replaying older levels is an excellent way to obtain more experience to level up.

6. Sweep tickets save time!

Often, you will be rewarded with “Sweep Tickets” for clearing missions. These tickets allow you to run through a level without in fact having to fight through the enemies again. These tickets save you a great deal of time if you’re trying to return to earlier levels to obtain tools or soulstones.

7. Do not let your heroes fall!

To obtain all 3 stars on a level, you have to ensure that none of your heroes goes down in a fight. A great way to fight this is to obtain the hero “Plants” as fast as possible. She’s the starting therapist system and she will significantly enhance your odds of survival. You can discover her soulstones by completing the beginning missions.

We’ll be back next week with another guide to all hero soulstone places. Up until then, if you have any other pointers or tricks to share, leave a comment below!