Soul Hunters Wiki Method Guide FAQ Tip Technique Cheat Soul Hunters is a Function Playing video game established by Lilith Games and is offered for Android on Google Play. If your interested the developers have an almost identical video game called Rush of Heroes.

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Arena– The Arena is a great location to discover what works and exactly what doesn’t. Ensure to always check the DPS stats at the end of every fight as they can reveal you really strong characters you might be losing out on.

Dailies– Doing Daily Quests is the fastest way to level up. These type of video game are equipment to keep you coming back every day for a very long time and it displays in the dailies. When you unlock a new area there will normally be an everyday quest that accompanies it. So the greater the level the more alternatives that will be available for faster levelling.

Fragments– Almost every level particular area will have its own kind of currency and shop. Here you can discover hero specific fragments that can increase their star rank much faster. Each location will frequently bring a minimum of one uber class that is close to if not the very best in the video game.

This designer tends to offer players a minimum of the one really good character immediately and the options to get some more of the best very soon. Making the incorrect choice when choosing a group can hold you back big time considering that some heroes are really bad options. Acquiring 10 Diamond Chests int he Summoners Circle is one of the best ways to get strong party members, though it may take a bit to save up the 2,500 gems needed.

Dokras( # 10).

I believe Dokras gets underrated in some circles and I don’t know why. I made the error of neglecting him because of his average scores by another reviewer. However, that was a huge mistake. He’s method too helpful on Arena defence, and among the very best individuals to utilize in Arena’s general. He gets far better as the game goes on because of the slower speed. By the end game when fights take a while longer he’s much more most likely to supreme on a complete team for max damage. He likewise counters among the brand-new up and coming heroes Garrick. Putting those hedgehogs out and offering your opposing Garrick a 50% or higher opportunity to lose his huge attack on is a horrible feeling. Likewise, he and his hedgehogs have very high magic resistance making him a good option for some attacks. That he likewise has a good front line physical counter makes him very flexible.

Beneficial for: Arena Defense. Grand Arena. Crucible. Not Useful for Single Target Raids and Hall of Legends.

Drago( # 9).

He needs to go up here due to the fact that he’s the best tank around. (The order officially goes, Drago, Leon then Elric, though I’ve been liking Tholin more than Elric recently). Very little to say aside from he’s the “Tankless” of the tanks. His soul stones are easily adequate to obtain so I recommend going for him right from the beginning. Provided most endgame groups are physical, his passive physical enthusiast is the best protective capability today. He’s the best single tank choice, and the cornerstone in the late game “Double Tank” construct when paired with Leon. While I believe Tholin is the very best Raid and Hall of Legends tank, Drago is the tank when you remain in a fight that needs the very best front line damage absorption. If you’re a lower paying gamer I think he’s a great choice for a character that masters all phases of the video game because you most likely won’t have the resources to keep both Arena tanks AND Raid/HoL tanks tailored and levelled.

Useful for: All-Arena Types. Low Playing Players for Raids and Hall of Legends. Not Useful for: Crucible (Horrible Ultimate, inadequate damage), High Paying gamers that want to top the damage in Raids and Hall of Legends.

Riley( # 8).

Outrageous physical character. In the first 40-50 levels or two if you have her she’s the best single tank for the arena. When I initially started every top 10 arena team was utilizing her. That part of the video game doesn’t last too long though. She is The Very Best Crucible tank. She can recover up against and still has full energy after she does it. She is the reason people discard Vincent. As the video game progresses she turns into a great Second Tank/DPS. I call her a second tank due to the fact that she absorbs lots of damage with her 2 types, but she’s likewise a substantial DPS for each aspect of the game. She has a crit enthusiast which is terrific for people like Leah or Slim. She delves into the back line for excellent arena teams too. She’s hard to obtain soul stones forgiven that she’s only 2 stars as well as if you have the Conjuring Stone, you’ll never ever get her as a “Full Card here are her 80 Soul Stones” drop. Lots of competitors in Grand Arena between her, Seraphine and Garrick.

Useful for: Whatever … If you dedicate your time to getting her stones … Ethera( # 7).

Among the more recent dominant gamers in the game. She does not get a great deal of talk due to the fact that when a new hero enters into play and individuals are on max level servers, it’s hard for a 3-star hero to obtain a legitimate comparison breaking complete 7-star teams. The concern is she requires the health of later video game battles and higher stars, due to the fact that she often jumps in and takes a heavy attack implied for the front line and sometimes passes away truly simple. Nothing sucks as much as seeing her dart in front of a Garrick for a unique attack just to have him quickly uncloak and one shot her when that attack ought to have gone to a tank. Nevertheless … late video game, she endures enough time to be dominant in an arena. Among the best ultimates in the game, incredibly powerful in the crucible. Constant debuffing with freezes and slows. She is also the ONLY character you should be investing your Arena points on.

Helpful for: Crucible. Arena Offense, Grand Arena. Not Useful for Raids, Hall of Legends, Going up against single cutting edge Drago groups.

Seraphine( # 6).

Among the last bastions of magical damage teams. She is destroying specific lines, has the fastest energy recharge in the game, has a supreme that is uninterruptable and stops the remainder of the game up until it completely deals with( information that matter) and does adequate magical damage to in fact be a choice for Raids/HoL. Early video game she is absurd. I believe the only way to obtain her early is to be VIP12 and have her appear in the conjuring stone after you start. A good idea because she tears apart early video game groups. While some of the other magic users fall off late game (Like Alistair) she’s simply constantly excellent. Most likely the best “Magic” DPS hero in the video game.

Useful for: Arena Offense (Versus teams with several frontline heroes), Grand Arena. Crucible. Not Useful for Raids and Hall of Legends ‘If’ you do not have correct magic support like Selene or Alistair.